Best prices of Internet Wimax

With our three modes you can choose the rate that best suits your needs and enjoy a quality Internet connection whether you live in an urban and a rural or remote area.

Residential user prices

3Megas 29 '90 € monthly
10Megas 34 '90 € monthly
20*Megas 44 '90 € monthly
30*Megas 54 '90 € monthly

VAT included, final prices
* available depending on coverage and propagation conditions

  • Unlimited usage, no minimum tenure
  • Special conditions for seasonal contracts
  • WIFI Router included
  • Free installation from 10 Megas

Broadband wireless Internet (Wimax) with unlimited data transfer under conditions of reasonable use, equipment rental included. Free installation does not include wiring extensions inside premises or additional elements like masts or similar. Cancellation fee of € 125 plus VAT for contracts under 12 months, free cancellation for services paid for 12 months or more after returning of rental equipment (routers, antennas, etc.), does not include uninstallation works if required. Option of disconnection in low season for € 4.99 VAT included for services paid for 6 months or more. Line fee, VAT and rental of equipment included in prices.

Add mobile lines to your pack, at the best price!

  • 12 Gigas + Unlimited calls 7,90€
  • 20 Gigas + Unlimited calls 9,90€
  • 50 Gigas + Unlimited calls 14,90€

Check conditions and more options of 4G mobile lines in this link

+ second basic line for free!

Maximum speed on developments and rural areas